If you are looking for a bioinformatics system that encompasses all the aspects your workflow in one program, BioTuple™ is the solution for you. BioTuple works on all operating systems (both 32 and 64 bit), allows for easy importing and exporting to common biological file types, and keeps all the functions you would want organized into views. This allow you to easily switch between running an alignment, visualizing restriction sites and more in one cohesive interface.

What to Expect with BioTuple

  1. Clean and clear graphics representations of sequences that are dynamic and responsive to keyboard and mouse input.
  2. Quickly and easily import sequences from external databases such as NCBI and RCSB.
  3. Visualization of features either manually or computer assisted for small and large sequences.
  4. Highly customizable parameters for pairwise and multiple sequence alignments.
  5. Alignment reports including phylogenetic trees, statistics, and consensus comparisons.
  6. Clear visualization of all reading frames for RNA and DNA sequences.
  7. Viewing of content analyses and properties of a given sequence.
  8. Visualize the 3D structure of a sequence using PDB files imported from the RCSB.