Mac OS X Installation Instructions

Brief Instructions

After downloading BioTuple and opening the DMG, drag the BioTuple folder to your Applications folder to install it. Then double click on the BioTuple application in the folder you installed (not the one in the DMG) and follow the activation instructions.

Drag BioTuple to your Applications folder.

Detailed Instructions – For those inexperienced with Mac OS X

  1. Download BioTuple for Mac OS X from the following link if you haven’t already done so. BioTuple is supported on Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard), Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion), Mac OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion) and Mac OS X 10.9 (Mavericks) or more recent.

    Download BioTuple v for Mac OS X
  2. BioTuple-osx-.dmg, a disk image, will be downloaded to your computer. You may check the MD5 checksum with the following number to verify your download.

    MD5 checksum:

  3. The disk image may automatically open, placing a BioTuple disk image icon on your Desktop and opening the installation Finder window as is shown in this image.
    The BioTuple Disk Image and Installation Finder Window
  4. If it does not open by defualt, find the file BioTuple.dmg on your computer and double click on it. It was most likely downloaded to your Home folder’s Downloads folder. If you cannot find it, use the Mac OS X Spotlight to find it.
    Check your downloads folder if the BioTuple DMG didn't automatically open.
  5. In the BioTuple installation Finder window, drag the BioTuple folder into the Applications folder. You can drag it to another place on your computer, but we recommended you install it in the Applications folder.
    Drag BioTuple to your Applications folder.
  6. After the BioTuple folder is finished being copied, eject the BioTuple disk image.
    Eject the BioTuple disk image.
  7. Open the BioTuple folder in the location you installed it to (most likely the Applications folder). Drag the BioTuple application to your dock. Now you can just click on the dock icon at any time to open BioTuple!
    Drag BioTuple to your dock.
  8. The first time you open BioTuple, you will be greeted with our software license. Please read and understand it, and then choose to accept it.
    BioTuple Software License
  9. Type or copy and paste the activation code we provided to you when you purchased BioTuple, and then click the Verify button.
    Activate BioTuple.
  10. BioTuple will build and a confirmation screen and user’s guide will follow. Congratulations, BioTuple is now activated and ready to use at any time!
  11. Uninstallation Instructions

    1. To uninstall BioTuple, simply drag the installed BioTuple folder to the Trash.