Windows Installation Instructions

Brief Instructions

After downloading BioTuple and running the EXE installer to install BioTuple, run BioTuple and follow the activation instructions. If you encounter any issues, please consult the Troubleshooting Common Installation Issues section.

BioTuple shortcuts.

Detailed Instructions – For those inexperienced with Windows

  1. Download BioTuple for Windows from the following link if you haven’t already done so. BioTuple is supported on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 or more recent.

    Download BioTuple v for Windows XP, Vista and 7/8+
  2. BioTuple-windows-.exe, a Windows installer, will be downloaded to your computer. You may check the MD5 checksum with the following number to verify your download.

    MD5 checksum:

  3. Open the folder that contains the downloaded installer and double-click the installer to run it. If you cannot find the BioTuple installer on your computer after downloading it, search your computer for files with “BioTuple” in its name.
    BioTuple Installer

    Search for files on Windows XP
    Search for files on Windows Vista
    Search for files on Windows 7
    Search for files on Windows 8

  4. After double-clicking on the BioTuple installer, you should see the following window. You may first be asked to give the installer permission to write to your computer, allow that access. You have the option here to disable the creation of a Desktop shortcut and Start Menu shortcuts. We recommend keeping the default settings. Click the Next> button to continue.
    Installer (first step)
  5. The next step in the installer will determine the location that BioTuple is installed to. The default path is recommended. Click the Next> button to continue.
    Installer (step 2)
  6. The installer will then install BioTuple. After it finishes you will be promted to open BioTuple, click Yes. The installer should automatically close if you chose Yes. If you chose No you will need to close the installer yourself by clicking the Close button.
    Installer (step 3)
  7. BioTuple has now been installed, and if you chose to install Desktop and Start Menu shortcuts, you will see them in the appropriate places. If you did not run BioTuple from the installer, double-click on the Desktop shortcut to start it now.
    BioTuple shortcuts.
  8. The first time you open BioTuple, you will be greeted with our software license. You may be asked to give BioTuple permission to make internet connections, allow that access. Please read and understand it, and then choose to accept it. If you see an error popup instead of the following image, please consult the Troubleshooting Common Installation Issues section.
    BioTuple Software License
  9. Type or copy and paste the activation code we provided to you when you purchased BioTuple, and then click the Verify button.
    Activation Window
  10. BioTuple will build and a confirmation screen and user’s guide will follow. Congratulations, BioTuple is now activated and ready to use at any time!

Uninstallation Instructions

  1. To uninstall BioTuple, simply run the Windows Uninstaller accessible from the Windows Start Menu, and provided in the BioTuple folder.

Troubleshooting Common Installation Issues

  1. Installation Stalled or Hanging. If you have started a trial or tried to use your activation code in the registration window and all you see is a spinning wheel for over a minute, then the installation may have stalled. This is a very rare occurrence on some Windows setups. If this occurs, just close the BioTuple application and restart BioTuple. In these cases, the license was correctly generated, and you should start up right into the application.
  2. Java is not installed. If you see a message similar to the following popup, then Java is not installed on your computer. You will need to install Java to run BioTuple. Java is free and can be installed quickly from
    Java is not Installed
  3. Java cannot allocate memory correctly. If you see a message similar to the following popup, then BioTuple is having problems allocating memory. Please consult with a Windows administrator and contact us if necessary.
    Memory Heap Error