Edit, transform, and visualize DNA, RNA, and protein sequences in the Edit View.

Easily Edit Sequence Monomers

The Edit View offers a wide range of functionality for modifying your sequences. Specific monomers can be edited using basic keyboard commands in combination with the mouse for selection. For more advanced sequence conversion, this view offers functions for transcriptions, translations, and several other transformations. Visualize your sequences in single or double strands, or copy segments between documents.

Easily Edit Sequence Monomers

Using the keyboard and mouse makes changing or inspecting specific segments of sequences quick and easy.

Sequence Transformations

Convert between DNA, RNA, and protein sequences using the toolbar or menu items present in the Edit View. These functions conform to specific rules defined by the genentic code which can be changed in Preferences.

External Services

BioTuple allows import by accession or GI number from NCBI databases in order to ensure quick and correct viewing of sequences. You can also use BLAST to search NCBI and view search results in BioTuple directly.

Read Common File Types

BioTuple reads common biological file types including FASTA, GenBank, PDB, and others.