A Powerful and Intuitive Bioinformatics System.

BioTuple was created to provide a seamless interface of bioinformatics tools for those working with sequences and genetics. The extensive functionality of BioTuple has been compartmentalized into views, allowing users to easily work with data in powerful ways. Multiple sequences are grouped into “tuples” that can be manipulated in bulk or handled individually.

Packed with Features

BioTuple contains many features for working with sequences. The main uses are listed below and you can learn more about them by selecting the titles to the right.

Continuously Developed

We are always adding new features, and our customers continuously enjoy new updates with great new innovative solutions and tools that they have requested.

Major Features:

  • Monomer Specific Editing. BioTuple provides custom built editing components that are focused on presenting sequence information.
  • Alignments. Perform global, local, and multiple sequence alignments with customizable parameters and view the results as a phylogenetic tree or compared to a consensus sequence.
  • Phylogenetic Trees. Complete an alignment and visualize evolutionary relationships with a customizable phylogenetic tree.
  • Structure Visualization. 3D tertiary structure is viewable, tapping into the power of the ChemDoodle 3D application inside of BioTuple.
  • Calculations. Calculate properties for sequences including molecular weights, thermodynamic characterisitcs, and content breakdowns
  • Feature Annotation. Use BioTuple for either assisted feature annotations by ORF Scanning and Restriction Enzyme Mapping, or manual addition to curate regions of interest in a sequence.
  • Thoroughness. BioTuple contains many of the features you would expect from industry leading software. Found something missing? Tell us and we can add it.
  • Reading Frame Visualization. BioTuple allows for the visualization of all 6 reading frames of a given sequence.
  • External Services. BioTuple integrates many common external services in order to increase productivity including NCBI Sequence Databases, RCSB, and BLAST.
  • Read and write biological file types. Supports BioTuple, FASTA, GenBank, PDB, and others.
  • Comprehensive documentation. In addition to this website, BioTuple comes with a free reference manual on how to use BioTuple effectively.
  • Customizable. With the vast amount of customization in the BioTuple system, you control graphical representation, tweak parameters in algorithms, and much more.
  • Easy Site Licenses. Quickly deploy activation codes to your users and easy to setup configurations for campus use make it a breeze to work with BioTuple.
  • Multiplatform. Windows, Mac OS X and Linux are fully supported. Need to change operating systems? No problem, BioTuple will come with you.
  • Affordable. Even the most cost conscious student can fit BioTuple into his or her budget. Site licenses are affordable to any institution.