Visualize reading frames in the Protein View.

Examine and Import Protein Reading Frames

BioTuple’s Protein View gives the user a great way to visualize all 6 reading frames of DNA and RNA sequences. By color codons for the selected reading frame, this view allows for quick confirmation of potential protein products. If you see a reading frame that looks interesting, import it to the edit view for closer inspection with the built in import toolbar.

Visualize and Import Reading Frames

View the 3 forward and 3 reverse reading frames of a given DNA or RNA sequence. If any reading frame looks interesting, BioTuple allows a copy of that protein sequence to be added to the tuple.

Multiple Genetic Codes

BioTuple allows the user to select different genetic codes, which allow for different codons to map to different proteins. This relies on the codon frequency for the specific genetic code selected in Preferences.