View both protein and nucleic acids with stunning detail using the ChemDoodle 3D graphics system

Quality Customizable Graphics for Structure Visuaization

By using technologies developed for ChemDoodle 3D, the Structure View in BioTuple offers an quick and easy way to visualize the tertiary structure of proteins as well as the 3D representations of nucleic acids.

RCSB Integration

BioTuple uses sequence information to query the RSCB Protein Data Bank. If a suitable PDB file is found, this sequence will be loaded into the view. The user has control of if these files are downloaded via preferences.

Several Color Schemes

When viewing a 3D structure, the user has access to several color scheme options for amino acids and nucleotides. Amino acids can be colored with Shapely, Taylor, Lesk, Cinema, Drums, Amino color schemes. Nucleotides can be colored with Shapely or DRuMS. All citations are documented for reference.