BioTuple works everywhere you work.

BioTuple will streamline your workflow on any Operating System

It is essential in this age to be able to work efficiently with sequence information. BioTuple allows you to interact with them, regardless of the tools that they use. No matter the sequence data, no matter the operating system, no matter the task, BioTuple provides you with the tools to reach your goals.

Operating Systems

BioTuple runs on any operating system that Java is supported on. We fully support BioTuple on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

Sequence File Types

BioTuple reads and writes 5 popular chemical file types for working with the applications you use.

  1. iChemLabs BioTuple Document (.btp)
  2. FASTA (.fasta, .fna, .fsa, .fa, .mpfa)
  3. GenBank Flat File (.gen)
  4. RCSB Protein Data Bank (.pdb)
  5. iChemLabs Sequence Line Query (.slq)