Install and Activate

Using BioTuple requires two setup steps:

  1. Installation
  2. Activation

Installation of BioTuple should be done by a system administrator (or yourself if you control the computer), and will make unactivated BioTuple available to all users on your machine or network. The administrator should install BioTuple, but SHOULD NOT activate BioTuple on the administrator account.

Activation of BioTuple is done per user, by the user, and will allow that user to use BioTuple unrestricted. Activation is done when the user opens BioTuple the first time.

Common installation and activation issues are discussed below.



Windows Installation Instructions
OS X Installation Instructions
Linux Installation Instructions

Uninstallation Instructions
Uninstallation instructions can be found at the bottom of the installation instruction pages.

Further Troubleshooting
Solutions for common installation issues can be found at the bottom of the installation instruction pages.


Firewall Issues
If your firewall blocks internet connections from Java applications, then BioTuple will not be allowed to connect to the internet. An administrator should set up a special exception to allow BioTuple to connect to the internet, at least for activation. We apologize, but there are no exceptions to our activation procedure.

Proxy Issues
If you use a proxy to access the internet, BioTuple will use the default system proxy information to connect to the internet. If that fails, then you will need to manually define the proxy settings in the proxy.config file that is located in the config folder in the BioTuple installation folder.