BioTuple user licenses can be transferred between computers and operating systems. However, you will first need to deactivate BioTuple for the account BioTuple is being transferred from.

Deactivate BioTuple

At some point, you may want to switch to a different computer. Your purchased BioTuple activation code is restricted by the number of computers BioTuple is activated on. Therefore, we provide you the ability to deactivate BioTuple and reactivate it on a new computer. To begin, just click the Deactivate BioTuple menu item in the Help menu.

NOTE: When deactivating BioTuple and switching to a new computer, your custom preferences and other user settings will be lost. If you have settings files (templates, chemical document settings), those can be copied to the new BioTupleSettings folder that will appear after BioTuple is activated on the new computer.

Once the deactivation procedure has begun, it cannot be cancelled. Make sure you record your activation code, which will be displayed in the Details section of the deactivation confirmation message, so you can use it again. You should also have a record of your code from the email receipt you received upon purchasing it.

Once you accept the confirmation message, BioTuple will close and your copy will be deactivated. You may now use your activation code to activate BioTuple on a new computer.

Preparing for a System Restore

If you do anything to your system that will remove or eliminate the BioTuple license file, such as performing a system restore or installing your operating system from scratch, you will need to first deactivate your copy of BioTuple.

Unable to Deactivate

If you are unable to deactivate, such as in the case if your computer crashes and cannot be recovered, you will need to contact iChemLabs Customer Service to reset your activation code. Please provide your activation code in the form, and we will have your code reset quickly.